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Alabama, 2010. There’s a kid in fifth grade learning about Shakespeare and Georgia O’Keeffe when one day he’s tasked to fill out a questionnaire for the yearbook. The usual questions you’d ask a 10-year-old: “What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you like to do for fun? What's your favorite subject? Favorite book?” Now, for the first question, you would expect a common answer like “astronaut, doctor, or teacher”. However, that kid answered in a way that still looms in his spirit today. “Artist”. 

Fast forward to today. That vision continues to grow in Atlanta, Georgia. Though mostly self-taught, I’ve gained knowledge and skill from many other seasoned artists and life experiences. By contrasting color, texture, and negative space, I am focused on creating bold, slightly sophisticated work showcasing my hobbies and obsessions. One day my hard work will have provided not only happiness and success for myself, but a place where other young artists can practice and create dreams of their own.



Stylized | Representational

 With the interplay between color and its absence, reality and surrealism, and the past and the present, I seek to capture the originality of abandoned structures and vintage objects. My intention is to allow for a connection to the old whilst creating a new language of expression, revealing a contrast in each painting that gives life to a nostalgic and almost etheric emotion.

Done by Knight

Atlanta, GA

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